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My Mother Lode - Tuolumne County Real Estate Stands Strong In Comparison
Property tax revenue stays steady in county | Union Democrat | Sonora News, Sports, &

The Modesto Bee | Ellie Nesler dies of cancer
The Modesto Bee | On Bigfoot's trail
Sierra Star - Mariposa merchants move on
Sierra Star - Radanovich slams smelt 'opinion' limiting water
Nature of Sierra snowfall is changing - Local - Merced Sun-Star

Sierra Nevada Conservancy halts funding for grants | Union Democrat | Sonora News,
Forest visits steady | Union Democrat | Sonora News, Sports, & Weather, Angels
My Mother Lode - New Ore Cart Welcomes Calaveras County Visitors

Marine act is a farce for state's fishermen
The Modesto Bee | Melting Yosemite glacier an omen
My Mother Lode - Master Gardener: Caring for Roses

Orphan puppies fill Mariposa animal shelter to brim - Local - Merced Sun-Star

Foothill Living: A new home for the holidays - Columnists - Merced Sun-Star

Calaveras County sees little growth | Union Democrat | Sonora News, Sports, &

Mariposa County's population was essentially static, losing two residents to bring the county's population to 18,297, according to state estimates.

Rock company shuts down nearly a year after environmental ruling - Local - Merced Sun-Star
My Mother Lode - Furloughs Begin Next Week In Tuolumne County
Property access rules OK’d by supervisors | Union Democrat | Sonora News, Sports, &

Angels officials want downtown Lode Hotel gone | Union Democrat | Sonora News,

Bird count volunteers (from front) Len McKenzie, Paul Oldale, Lowell Young and Stanley Valim look for birds (including ravens, right) in Yosemite Valley on Sunday.

Audubon's Christmas Bird Count No. 109 begins

My Mother Lode - Master Gardener: Going Native

Closed Merced Conference and Visitors Bureau still owes YARTS thousands for tickets - Local - Merced Sun-Star
The Modesto Bee | Trimmers landscape training deal aids the developmentally disabled and Ceres dea

Clampers paint the town red | Union Democrat

My Mother Lode - Master Gardners: Plants We've Killed

Union Democrat - Free, reduced lunches increase in state, counties

Married Inside a Hardware Store - KGPE - CBS TV47

At lower levels, too, California candidates abound. Former Mariposa County Supervisor Art Baggett,
McClatchy Washington Bureau | Californians rumored in running for top administration posts

Union Democrat -Troubled Chinese Camp School to explore options

Union Democrat - Council tackles decrepit structure

Introducing Jim Bridwell is probably superfluous. But to those few who do not know him, Bridwell is one of legends of climbing and mountaineering. Through his hard aid routes he became a symbol of Yosemite Valley, and he founded YOSAR, climber based Yosemite Search and Rescue service. Furthermore, Bridwell left his mark on big walls as far afield as Patagonia and Alaska.
Help Jim Bridwell - climbing news, mountaineering.

Court: Former director of A Woman's Place strikes a plea deal - Local - Merced Sun-Star
Deeper wells defy drought - Local - Merced Sun-Star
Union Democrat - Low reservoir reveals Jacksonville

Union Democrat - Stamp Mill corroding after blaze


Union Democrat - ‘Scanner junkies' listen in

"Nothing happens around here without obstacles," noted Rep. George Radanovich, R-Mariposa. Valley conservatives, including Radanovich, hope once more to revise the Endangered Species Act on behalf of farmers and ranchers. McClatchy Washington Bureau | Upcoming Congress holds promise, hurdles for Valley lawmakers

Colusa is among the remaining nine counties in which the program's status is "unknown," according to the state. The others are Sutter, Nevada, Mono, Mariposa, Madera, San Bernardino, Solano and San Diego.
Local News: Colusa considers medical pot ID cards : Appeal-Democrat
Police chase of Merced driver ends near Mariposa -- :: Merced
Union Democrat - Cal Transit looking to drop routes
Union Democrat - Supes OK mine-to-botanical oasis study

Union Democrat - Thanksgiving through the years

“The only reason composting MSW at Mariposa makes sense is that it extends the life of the county's landfill - it reduces the volume of the material being landfilled, and displaces the soil previously imported for daily cover.
Mixed Waste Composting Trends :: BioCycle, Advancing Composting, Organics Recycling & Renewable Energy

Former Mariposa County Counsel

New county counsel familiar with local issues - Yreka, CA - Siskiyou Daily News
Union Democrat - Falling in love with the forest

Art films in a quiet mountain town -- :: Merced News, Real
Sierra Star - Radanovich says no more bailout money
Home price swings back to affordable -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Survey finds a county in despair
Union Democrat - Supes may up ante to reacquire Lehman $$
My Mother Lode - Lawton Waits For "Other Foot To Drop"

Capital Corp, parent of Merced's County Bank, says it's trying to find investors -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Groveland district on short list for $275K fire truck grant
My Mother Lode - Supervisors Approve $160 Million Spending Plan
Union Democrat - Appeal eyed in fire tax verdict

The Modesto Bee | Towering Threat in Yosemite Granite
$54M loss forces Merced's County Bank to consider all options -- ::
Union Democrat - Judge rules in favor of West Point Fire District
Union Democrat -Sales and property tax revenue slow for cities

The Modesto Bee | Major water restrictions approved to protect fish
Union Democrat - Scientists learning about fish habits
My Mother Lode - Tuolumne County Looks To Receive Funds From Bailout Package

Union Democrat - PAWS awaiting new elephant's arrival after rescue

New County Counsel
The board welcomed new county counsel Tom Guarino, who attended his first regular meeting of the supervisors in his official capacity. Guarino’s appointment to the position became effective Nov. 2.
He came to Siskiyou County from Mariposa County where he served as county counsel since 2004. Prior to that, Guarino was chief deputy attorney for the City of Merced.
County, facing deficit, raises fees - Yreka, CA - Siskiyou Daily News

Union Democrat - Historic Romaggi Adobe lies in wait
Union Democrat - County leaders brace for state budget cutback

Union Democrat - Fire reveals history at McConnell residence

My Mother Lode - Sonora Area Wildlife Gardens Thrive
My Mother Lode - Famous Home From 'High Noon' Saved From Fire: New History Uncovered

Straight from the farm -- :: Merced News, Real

Sierra Star - Heartland faces an uncertain future
Union Democrat -CDF map rewrites ‘hazard' locations

My Mother Lode - Mother Lode Election Results Compared To State

Union Democrat - BOFG recall petition floating

Yosemite glacier on thin ice -- :: Merced News, Real


Extreme Resolution Photos and Lasers Create Virtual Yosemite | Wired Science from
Union Democrat - Cemeteries and history abound in the foothills
Union Democrat - Several famous and interesting people buried in foothill cemeteries

Developmentally Disabled Adults Losing Group Home - KGPE - CBS TV47

Oso House - Bear Valley
Favre: J. Paul Getty Museum exhibit links photographer to unattributed images : Venture Out : Ventura County Star
U.S. honors Yosemite search and rescue ranger
Beautiful 17-Gigapixel, 96.5 Gigabyte Image of Yosemite | Wired Science from
My Mother Lode - Calaveras County Supervisors Reject Grand Jury Findings
Union Democrat - New Long Gulch Ranch project in Groveland in works?

The Modesto Bee | Real estate near bottom?
Union Democrat - Trash sorting could save county $$$

Future hazy for bankrupt developer's Merced County projects -- ::
Union Democrat - Board responds to grand jury report

The Modesto Bee | Oakdale's new animal ordinances carry fines
My Mother Lode - Get to Know Your 'Batty' Neighbors

My Mother Lode - Global Warming: AB 32 Strikes Debate
Union Democrat - Landowners concerned with frog habitat plan

Union Democrat - Board disagrees on vacation rental rules

Union Democrat - County postpones decision on farm protection

The Modesto Bee | Pinecrest Lake in eye of storm
Union Democrat - Half of deputies commute to Lode jobs
Union Democrat - Council approves new fines, penalties

At the end of the conference, the Mariposa Fire Department, the Mariposa County Sheriff's Office and the Mariposa Board of Supervisors were congratulated for their efforts in the Telegraph Fire.
Resource summit focuses on fire, global warming

Valley has toughest fireplace rules in nation -- :: Merced News, Real

The Modesto Bee | Food stamp need rises in Stanislaus
Linens N Things, Mervyns closing Merced stores -- :: Merced
My Mother Lode - Of Old Dogs and Wild Blackberries

My Mother Lode - Sonora Mervyns Store To Close
My Mother Lode - Natural Resources Summit Held In Sonora
Union Democrat - Schools brace for midyear budget cuts

The Modesto Bee | Downturn in the Valley
Union Democrat - Board says Sonora to remain county seat

The Modesto Bee | Supervisor wants to cut retiree payments
Union Democrat - Homeowners worried about fire hazard maps
My Mother Lode - Mobility Plan Being Created For San Andreas

Union Democrat -SPI Standard mill cuts its employees' hours

Union Democrat - Building needs to be more careful
Union Democrat - Garbage collection operates at loss

My Mother Lode - Good Soil Is Full of Life
Union Democrat -  Aspen groves wilting
Union Democrat -  Fair board addresses conflicts of interest

Union Democrat - Big hopes for ‘Little House' in Groveland

Book recounts Merced's anti-Chinese fervor -- :: Merced News, Real
My Mother Lode - Bridgestone Commercial Filmed In Tuolumne County
Union Democrat - Supes consider fee elimination for landowners who clear brush

Yosemite rock slide injures 3, closes camp -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Angels Camp fire chief, wife arrested

Rock slide damages tent cabin in Curry Village -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Former employees make claim against Don Pedro District
My Mother Lode - Supervisors Vote Down Jail Funding: Thornton Brings Up Moving County Seat To Jamestown

The Modesto Bee | State budget slashes county funds by $4.2 million
Union Democrat - County CAO: Confusion over e-mail sparked ire

The Modesto Bee | Wineries move beyond tasting rooms to become true destinations

Sierra Art Trails: Life: Follow a trail of art through the southern Yosemite foothills

City to consider reduction in employee medical coverage -- :: Merced
Union Democrat - Foothills shadowed in paranormal phenomena

UC Merced professor: High-speed rail would benefit Valley -- :: Merced
Foreclosure Crisis: Lawmakers say Merced was shortchanged -- :: Merced
The Modesto Bee | How valley home data compares nationally
The Modesto Bee | Turlock steel company closing; 175 to lose jobs
Union Democrat - Results: PAWS elephant, No. 71, died of pancreatitis

Price is up and novices head for Gold Country
Cal Fire takes over Atwater firefighting -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Tarantulas take to hills for annual mating ritual

The Modesto Bee | Self-help counties' road work done faster, study says
The Modesto Bee | Housing decline a drag on value

Congressman Cardoza supports failed bailout -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Old barn key to preserving Columbia's history
Union Democrat - Sheriff, CAO at odds over jail
My Mother Lode - Yosemite Fund Gifted By Toyota Motor Corporation

Wall Street crisis puts a gleam in California miner's eye - Los Angeles Times
The Modesto Bee | Dell'Osso farm to become destination

Foothill Living: Mariposa County's Bison Creek Ranch reflects owner's pioneer spirit -- :: Merced News, Real
Born in Yosemite National Park at Camp Baldy, which was one of a number of park properties his parents operated, Curry grew up helping run the operations after his father died at an early age.
John Curry, Disney World's first hotel employee, dies at 78 --

The Modesto Bee | HUD to send valley millions
The Modesto Bee | Riverbank bringing free Wi-Fi downtown
Union Democrat - Local woman publishes book about Bigfoot

Central Valley air passes EPA benchmark -- :: Merced News, Real

Merced, Mariposa women's crisis center forced to trim its staff -- :: Merced
Union Democrat - Man returns lost treasures to owner

Lichen on Yosemite icons key to pollution studies - San Jose Mercury News
"I'm very skeptical of anything that could come out of this House in one week," said Rep. George Radanovich, R-Mariposa. "It's going to be a hard sell for me."
The Modesto Bee | Valley legislators wary of bailout proposal
Union Democrat - PAWS elephant dies Local: Yosemite hamlet finds a sense of community in a taco
Sierra Star - Supervisors override planners over setbacks
The Modesto Bee | Wall Street got what it deserved for turning its back on America

The Modesto Bee | Economy in Crisis
Union Democrat - County could nix, pare down advisory boards
Union Democrat - Animal shelter needed

My Mother Lode - Master Gardener: The Importance of Roots

The Modesto Bee | Legislative analyst warns state faces even bigger budget mess

The Modesto Bee | State team less critical of La Grange school
The Modesto Bee | Dust Bowl Part III: A Lasting Legacy
The Modesto Bee | Spillover will affect average consumers
Union Democrat - WWII code talkers share stories

Suffering from rare disorder, Atwater man has found relief in photography -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Facts, legend of B-24 crash into lake still fascinate
My Mother Lode - Supervisors To Hear Presentation On Groveland Physical Therapy Unit

The Modesto Bee | Milk prices still high at stores despite oversupply

Environmentalists want judge to void water contracts -- :: Merced
Falling milk prices, higher feed prices hurt dairy farmers -- :: Merced News,

Mariposa County Residents Speak Out to Supervisors over Telegraph Fire Responders | KSEE 24 NEWS Central Valley's News Station:
The Modesto Bee | Officer recruits conquer Half Dome
Union Democrat - Grand marshals named for '49er fest

The Modesto Bee | Mariposa running back Brocchini a punishing force
Climbing out of poverty -- :: Merced News, Real Estate, Jobs, Cars and more
My Mother Lode - Valley Springs To Receive Grant For Community Plan
Union Democrat - Mi-Wuk-Sugar Pine fire tax issue heats up

My Mother Lode - Supervisors Approve Creation Of Housing Division
My Mother Lode - Economic Development Moves Ahead In Tuolumne County
Union Democrat - Old Camp Nine Bridge coming down

Glaciers shape terrain, history -- :: Merced News, Real
Author finds body lost for 66 years after crash -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat- Longfellow Stamp Mill future uncertain

Fossett's high-profile wreck defies rescuers -- :: Merced News, Real

The Modesto Bee | Writer back at glacier for crash clues
The Modesto Bee | The Fruit Yard aims to become a recreation destination
The Modesto Bee | Road Dog supporters sign petition to release defendant in conspiracy case
My Mother Lode - Artists And Entertainment Highlight Foothill Farmlands Arts Festival
Union Democrat - New report offers community snapshot

Debbie Croft: Hornitos' history rooted in Wild West -- :: Merced News,


Tale Of Two Economies -
Feds warn climate change could harm giant sequoias - San Jose Mercury News
Families of missing pilots hope bodies are found -- :: Merced News, Real
My Mother Lode - Sonora Area Foundation Releases 2008 Tuolumne County Profile

The MOCKINGBIRD: Gold Mine: Mariposa County, California - Business - redOrbit
County Bank lays off 20 workers -- :: Merced News, Real

The Modesto Bee | Algebra I mandate requires teachers

Merced property values among worst in nation -- :: Merced News, Real
Sierra's perilous peaks a graveyard for aircraft -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - County board weighs several fee hikes


One Perfect Day: Yosemite's Dorothy Lake -
The Modesto Bee | Killer oak trees: Their falling limbs able to take a life
The Modesto Bee | Laci law impact remains unclear

Union Democrat - Cal Fire to cite defensible-space scofflaws

Rising costs lead to less care -- :: Merced News, Real
My Mother Lode - Calaveras Defensible Space Compliance Enforcement

Union Democrat - Mountain justice
Report: One in five Merced County residents living in poverty -- :: Merced Life: Boutique wineries are offering more to sample than just wines
Experts doubt income increase actually happened in Merced County -- ::
My Mother Lode - Youth Center Coming To Groveland
My Mother Lode - Foothill Farmlands Arts Festival Tickets on Sale

The Modesto Bee | Species retreat to Yosemite's highlands
Pigs making themselves at home in foothill yards -- :: Merced News, Real
Merced's foreclosure crisis explored in New York Times story; as story breaks, numbers worsen -- :: Merced News,
Union Democrat - Neighbors have beef with north county buffalo
Union Democrat - Notification too late, say community activists

The Modesto Bee | Amtrak riders in valley, nation at all-time high
Union Democrat- Billboards an unpopular sign of the times

Top Stories - Sierra climate change puts range's species on the run -
The Modesto Bee | The Bee: We'll be here for a long time


A family fights cancer -- :: Merced News, Real Estate, Jobs, Cars and more
Health clinics forced to borrow -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Global warming blamed for big melt
Union Democrat - Expert: Economic partnership is needed

Silver lining: Homes affordable for more people -- :: Merced News, Real
College plans to offer more online courses -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Schools Feel Squeezed
The Modesto Bee | Second wave of losses could prolong crisis

My Mother Lode - Stewardship Council To Discuss Kennedy Meadows Property
Union Democrat - Senior food programs cut some meals
Union Democrat - Final push made at saving check dams

The Modesto Bee | Valley's ER use highest in state
The Modesto Bee | County says Fruit Yard growth OK
The Modesto Bee | Retailers reeling as shoppers stay away
My Mother Lode - Report Indicates Tuolumne County Seniors Would Like More Public Transportation

Telegraph Fire:
Scorched earth left behind after wildfire contributes to flood threat - Nation & World - The Olympian - Olympia, Washington

Sierra Vista byway a blissfully lonely loop - Travel -
The Modesto Bee | Tighter Times
The Modesto Bee | Laci's mom recruits celebrities for benefit
The Modesto Bee | Buyouts offered at The Bee
Union Democrat - Judge mulls future of West Point Fire tax measure
Union Democrat - State to present plans for Columbia


Climber high on history -- :: Merced News, Real Estate, Jobs, Cars and more
Union Democrat - West Point tax challenge on docket
Union Democrat - 108 miles of Highway 108

Telegraph Fire:

A bridge — not too far
Union Democrat - West Point fire tax lawsuit moves forward
Union Democrat - Fair mulls changes to increase revenue

Inmate Firefighters Are on Front Lines in California Outdoors: The best Sierra Nevada hikes
The Modesto Bee | Mariposa County fires teach that in rugged territory, you learn to cope
The Modesto Bee | Two held in theft of gold from mine
Snelling fire station gets $90,000 upgrade -- :: Merced News, Real
Corn growing in popularity -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Fast cars peel through Copper
Union Democrat - Columbia merchant: ‘Don't Disneyize us'
Union Democrat - Trinitas: Letters against refuted

World focused on Merced's dire housing situation -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | 20,000 homes lost last year
My Mother Lode - Supervisors Submit Homeland Security Grant Application
My Mother Lode - Diamond O Campground Recognized For Fishing Opportunities
Union Democrat - Study: SHS low in number of UC, CSU-ready kids

County Bank's parent company posts $12 million second-quarter loss -- ::
Union Democrat - Census: Sierra Nevada draws seniors

Our View: High-speed rail hostage -- :: Merced News, Real
Republicans lose Central Valley voters -- :: Merced News, Real

First family trip to Yosemite had its share of mishaps -
Sierra Star - It's up to us to keep Yosemite clean
Union Democrat - Author: Cinco de Mayo first celebrated in Columbia

Mariposa: Local: Missing their angel
Sierra Star - New cinema owners balance movies, life
High-speed rail bill at deadline: Will governor sign it? -- :: Merced News, Real Union Democrat -Man owns Tuolumne County originals

State won't press charges in Telegraph Fire
Police: Telegraph fire crew robbed -- :: Merced News, Real
Flood of patients inundates Mercy's emergency room -- ::
The Modesto Bee | Incomes in San Joaquin Valley trail rest of nation, latest stats show
My Mother Lode - Major Projects On Tap For Supporters Of Film Commission
Union Democrat - County supes exploring agency planning-fee waivers

The Modesto Bee | Grinning, bearing it on Yosemite hike
Hales goes where the wild things are
From there, Hales and his wife headed west after he was offered a job at Yosemite National Park in California.
Merced County cuts social services -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Fahey Barn restabilized
Union Democrat - Interim planner is appointed by board

Telegraph fire near Mariposa provides harsh lesson -- :: Merced News, Local: Dry blue oaks lose leaves

Larry Gregory of Mariposa and Mick Herman of Catheys Valley are among 200 competitors from 19 states and four foreign countries vying for $350,000 in prize money Aug. 14-16 in Trail Mix: Trail Mix
Farmland still in demand, holding its own during real estate slump -- ::
Merced County cuts social services -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Attorney asks judge to drop charges in gun collection case

Mariposa gearing for football despite horrors of recent blaze -- ::
Cal Fire vehicles involved in accident -- :: Merced News, Real
County programs could be in peril as board weighs cuts -- :: Merced
Union Democrat - Groveland senior center cash may disappear
Union Democrat - State budget stall affects child care

The Modesto Bee | Chosen route jeopardizes high-speed rail support
The Modesto Bee | Global warming shows itself as trees die out, flowers, glaciers fade
My Mother Lode - Gardening with Kids
Union Democrat - Food bank hungry for donations, issues public challenge

Union Democrat - Court date is set in West Point tax suit

Local Red Cross scales back -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Urban Draw
The Modesto Bee | Cycle shop owner's son to be released on bond
Union Democrat - Casino sewer project clogged in legal battle


Lawmakers pull unfair fire fee out of trash : Editorials : Redding Record Searchlight
The Modesto Bee | Judge to consider whether Road Dog Cycle owner's son should be released
The Modesto Bee | Want to help the library? Pay your fine!
Union Democrat - Water levels affect recreation areas

Mariposa County agriculture report shows impact of drought, fire --
Ranchers deal with growing problem -- rising insurance costs -- ::
Union Democrat - State denial of block grant $$ worries officials
Union Democrat - Schools could start year with no state budget in place
My Mother - Living With Wasps

Yuji Hirayama - The Nose, big walls and bouldering - climbing news, mountaineering.
Tails of Yosemite

The Modesto Bee | Trash charges adjusted

The Modesto Bee | Farms top '06 mark by 12%
Foreclosure crisis: Is a bottom in sight? -- :: Merced News, Real

Sierra Star - Yosemite Visitors Bureau names new executive director
Democrats to honor environmentalist with peak -- :: Merced News, Real
House approves bill to repair unsound bridges -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Clinics for poor suffer
The Modesto Bee | Son ordered to be freed in Road Dog case
The Modesto Bee | The Slump Persists
Union Democrat - Dealing with demons: suicide prevention

County Bank's corporate parent signs agreement with Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco -- :: Merced News, Real
Midas owner responds to complaint -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Road Dog wiretap evidence 'hard to refute;' Robert Holloway, Orozco stay in jail
The Modesto Bee | Stanislaus County pension fund takes a beating in stock market
My Mother - Calaveras County To Pay Moreno Party $89,300 In Settlement

Yosemite fly-fishing shop opens along Highway 140
The Modesto Bee | 17,000 valley homes seized
The Modesto Bee | Valley Midas shops duped drivers, state claims
The Modesto Bee | Road Dog wiretap evidence 'hard to refute'
Union Democrat - Poacher gets slapped with harsh penalty Life: Lucky No. 7 In Yosemite
The Modesto Bee | Wiretaps played in bikers' hearing

Bus ridership spikes as gas prices continue to soar -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | California is facing a taxing dilemma

Noting a lawsuit by Friends of Yosemite Valley

Sending the wrong message about recreation: Outdoors |
The Modesto Bee | No easy fix for troubles reminiscent of '30s, '70s
My Mother - Let's Talk Dirt!
Union Democrat - Homelessness is real for working poor

The Modesto Bee | Valley unemployment keeps rising
The Modesto Bee | Other communities take look at Ripon's surveillance system
The Modesto Bee | Road Dog owner, son stay in jail
Rental market not benefiting from mortgage turmoil in Valley --

John C. Fremont Hospital:

Medical facilities in need
The owners of a rustic old-fashioned cattle ranch in Catheys Valley have come up against the reality of trying to make the place an Agritourism attraction.
Guest ranch comes up against zoning laws -- :: Merced News, Real
Sierra Star - Yosemite Climbers: Their uphill battle
Union Democrat - Working past the age of retirement
Union Democrat - Sheriff responds to Grand Jury's critical report

Council: What to do about failed housing developments -- :: Merced
Report: Valley among the nation's poorest regions -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Suspects in Road Dog case in court
The Modesto Bee | A Growing Beast
Union Democrat - County to hike rates for many services
Union Democrat - Planner draws barbs, praise

Yosemite: Ken Yager fuels push for Yosemite Valley climbing museum : Get Out : Boulder Daily Camera
The Modesto Bee | Indictments snare bikers, Stanislaus County lawmen
My Mother Supervisors Hear Update On 2008 Goals
Union Democrat -Big box guidelines discussed
Union Democrat -County fair ride suit at a standstill

PBS to Air Ken Burns's 'The National Parks: America's Best Idea,' a New Six-Part Series About the History of the National Parks, in Fall 2009
Property taxes late; county has to borrow -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Contracts for staff training blasted by jury
Union Democrat - ADA fixes rile merchants in historic town

The Modesto Bee | Promises Turn to Dust
Union Democrat -Homeschool parents await judges' decision

My Mother - Sheriff's Valley Springs Sub-Station To Close July 15
Union Democrat - West Point Fire District lawsuit gets day in court

Make Sure To Read The Comments:

Recreation | Out of the wilderness |
My Mother - A Hummingbird's Niche
Union Democrat - Supe denies Tryon claims
My Mother - Financial Woes Slam Calaveras County Fair

Union Democrat - Man's art graces wine bottles
Union Democrat - Tryon: Trio broke law, forced CAO out

Great Food in Unlikely Places: Who Nellie Deli
The Modesto Bee | Condit lawsuit against Dunne thrown out
The Modesto Bee | Yosemite Train
Union Democrat - Audit, Moke River pollution tackled by jury

Sierra Nevada museum to bring history to life with re-creation of 1930s logging camp Going back in time
My Mother - Sheriff's Department Facing Million Dollar Cutback
Union Democrat - Sewer plan moves ahead despite suit
Union Democrat - Board to discuss road assessment vote results

Valley sales-tax revenues decline: Cities have decreased funding as residents begin spending less in stores.
The Modesto Bee | Watchdog keeps eye on government
The Modesto Bee | Original Gold Rush left its mark on the valley and Sierra

The Modesto Bee | Firefighters staying in Merced set its economy ablaze

Climbers Reclaim World Record On El Capitan : NPR
My Mother - Water Conservative Landscaping
Calaveras Enterprise - Calaveras County Grand Jury Report: click here
Calaveras Enterprise - Grand jury slams supervisors, Moreno

Speed climbers set record on El Capitan
Climber is high on history: Yager fuels push for a museum dedicated to Yosemite Valley's climbing legacy | | Tacoma, WA
The Modesto Bee | La Grange missteps aren't rare for schools
Union Democrat -Lost horses may have been dumped
Union Democrat - Board clashes over grand jury report

Firefighters on the front lines find haven in Merced -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Local property owners delinquent on tax bills in record-high numbers
Union Democrat - County unemployment rate steadily climbing
Union Democrat - Hams show emergency capabilities

The Modesto Bee | Property taxes going down
The Modesto Bee | Homes in peril for late fees
After weekend fight, Los Banos beefs up security for biker rally -- :: Merced
My Mother - Underage Drinking Major Concern At Mother Lode Fair

Climbers miss El Capitan record by 2 1/2 minutes

Sierra Star - Ponderosa Telephone turns 100
The Modesto Bee | Medi-Cal providers bracing for pay cut

Road to Yosemite reopens, clearing way for tourism -- :: Merced News,
Debbie Croft: Fighting California's fires -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Ancient trees a big draw for tourists, daytrippers

One Fact:
There are about 10,000 housing units in Mariposa County not 23,000.
Fire safety more than a cause for Mariposa woman -- :: Merced News,
Los Banos keeper has never seen it so bad -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | High-speed rail bond hits detour

Speed climbers to try for a record in Yosemite
John Muir's Yosemite | People & Places | Smithsonian Magazine
Union Democrat - Lottery revenue decrease to hit schools
My Mother - Kennedy Meadows Set To Begin New Era

Union Democrat - New Stanislaus Forest supervisor stoked about new digs Local: Mariposa County shrouded in smoke
Blazes scorch 960 acres in Mariposa County -- :: Merced News,
More than 700 wildfires dirty the air -- :: Merced News, Real
Home sales up as prices go lower -- :: Merced News, Real

Merced County bus system facing big cuts -- :: Merced News, Real
My Mother -Calaveras County Supervisors Will Be Forced To Make Cuts

The Modesto Bee | Newman girl's killer gets 25 years
Coulterville: Allan Haigh
Union Democrat - Moovin' in: House now for brown cow

Yosemite Climbing Exhibit
Park Pass:
John Spevak: A lifetime for just $10
Union Democrat - Ag production down in '07
My Mother -Secure Rural Schools Act Dealt A Blow
My Mother - Calaveras County Loses Appeal For More Jail Funding

Tuolumne means golden adventures
Sierra Star - Star to switch to Thursdays
The Modesto Bee | What a deal: Lobbying firm to work for $1
Union Democrat - Groveland PT clinic spared, not psych unit
Union Democrat - Voters will decide on high country fire tax

County passes tentative budget -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Yosemite Junction project is taking shape
My Mother - Supervisors Approve Fiscal Year 2008-09 Budget
Union Democrat - Sheriff's services facing cuts

publishing "The Sierra Star" in Oakhurst just once a week Fresno Bee Announced More Than 40 Layoffs
Don't divert from Tuolumne River to water Bay Area lawns - San Jose Mercury News
The Modesto Bee | Audit confirms city spending violated rules
Union Democrat - CAO sees tight year in budget
Union Democrat - Jail medical service costs could go up

Opinion - Dick Martin: National parks no place for concealed guns -
Merced may raise growth tax by 3.6 percent -- :: Merced News, Real

Tribes clash, vying for place in Yosemite history (
The Modesto Bee | City: Let private sector do the work
The Modesto Bee | Spike in alfalfa price has horsemen, dairy farmers seeking relief

Sierra Star - Flags must be handled with care
My Mother - Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office Introduces "OffenderWatch" Web Site

Nation & World | They used to be gold mines; now they're just old mines | Seattle Times Newspaper
Dean Conway of Coarsegold: Local: Conway was mule packer to the stars
My Mother - Plans For Resort At Yosemite Junction Moving Forward
My Mother - Invite Native Bees to Your Garden

The Modesto Bee | Woman grew up at Yosemite
1,047 freshmen to enroll at UC Merced -- :: Merced News, Real
Funding eventually could boost Valley high-speed rail -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Fire scorches 1,200 acres
Union Democrat - Supes accept cable company settlement offer

Cherished music fest in danger of having to seek out new digs -
The Modesto Bee | Turlock's leaders spar over expense of lobbyists
The Modesto Bee | District analyzes supervisory spending
Union Democrat - Public transit beats buying gas

The Modesto Bee | Report blasts La Grange school district
Union Democrat - Illegal digging irks cemetery board
Union Democrat - Stewardship decision on Kennedy Meadows land nearing

The Modesto Bee | Habitat tackles big housing project
The Modesto Bee | Turlock officials, taco trucks embroiled in food fight

Union Democrat - Voter turnout was lowest in 18 year
No place hit harder by housing market crash than Merced -- :: Merced News,
Camping near Yosemite in the freezing rain while looking for gold: One Love, Part 2
High-speed rail dealt blow by Union Pacific -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Oil prices out of control
Union Democrat - Ag tours boosting county's economy
Union Democrat - County: Vineyard owners responsible for lawsuit costs
My Mother Lode - Planning Commission Votes Down Lake Tulloch Project
Survey: Merced voters would approve Wal-Mart warehouse -- :: Merced News,
Riverside Motorsports Park, groups reach agreement on what recent ruling means -- ::
Gustine has first homicide in 2 years -- :: Merced News,
Union Democrat - Hollywood designer sets stage in Twain Harte
Union Democrat - Council adopts 2008 budget
Yosemite welcomes a lifetime spent answering the call of the wild - The Daily Breeze
Union Democrat -  Landfill defendants want venue change
Union Democrat -  Ironstone WWI exhibit nears its end
Forgotten Riches, Hidden Hazards - Business - redOrbit
The Modesto Bee | Peterson wrongful death trial draws near
Gustine school punishes all seniors for 'prank' -- ::
Union Democrat - Building rules on agenda for supervisors
My Mother - Jackson Rancheria Opens New Public Safety Building

The Modesto Bee | Book proposes new theory for Scott Peterson
Medi-Cal cuts would hurt poor, youth the most -- ::

Sierra Star - Raymond Museum now an historical place of interest
Merced council to look at tight budget proposal -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Close call as Newman police answer report of youth with gun
Union Democrat -Volunteers sought to help refurbish aged cabin near Long Barn
Backpacker Magazine -Black Campers In A White Wilderness
The Modesto Bee | County given less for roads
New superintendent is among the highest paid officials in the county -- ::
The Modesto Bee | New home permits fall into cellar
Union Democrat- Apple crops wiped out by freeze Mary Lou Aguirre: National parks offer plenty of play
The Modesto Bee | With UC Merced med school OK'd, money is a must
The Modesto Bee | Ag cash fueling lawmakers' bids for re-election
Budget cuts endanger Merced County's drug, alcohol recovery programs -- :: Merced News, Real
Sierra Star - Take a stand on Prop. 98
The Modesto Bee | 'Porn tax' shows how bad state's budget is
The Modesto Bee | Health care providers: Medi-Cal cuts disastrous
Valley's food banks worry about supply -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Petition seeks to save Columbia's character
Angus Phillips - In Yosemite, High Water Drowns Out Fishing Prospects -
Tahoe Daily Tribune - Sitting down with rock-climbing royalty
Parks in peril: With money tight, repair needs mount - San Jose Mercury News
The Modesto Bee | Stanislaus County jobless rate falls
Sierra Star - Local cemeteries have rich history
The Modesto Bee | Cardoza switches support to Obama
Alternate casino location proposed -- :: Merced News, Real Entertainment: Painting in the high country
Cloud lingers after air quality officials announce new plan -- ::
Buyers back in home market -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Stanislaus County stops mass burial of hens at farm
The Modesto Bee | Report cites a tug of war between traditional expectations, American reality for Latinas
Union Democrat -
Clavey protection effort under way
Sierra Star - Three men found dead in gold mine
The Modesto Bee | Valley air deadlier than first thought
My Mother - Cox Introduces Legislation To Redirect First Five Funds
Union Democrat - Calaveras County Supervisors nix ban on fireworks
Kings Canyon: Outdoors: Kings getaway
The Modesto Bee | Sales up as home prices plunge
The Modesto Bee | Story of gas blends fact, fiction
Two million more guest workers? -- :: Merced News,
Union Democrat - Jamestown couple devoted to cats
Clive Thompson on How Man-Made Noise May Be Altering Earths Ecology
Is It Time to Put a Fence around Your Backyard Pool? | RISMedia
The Modesto Bee | Did grand jury get full story in Allen case?
A chance for MID customers to vent on bill charge by PG&E -- :: Merced News,
Yosemite’s falls peaking early -- :: Merced News, Real
Feinstein now backing farmworker bill -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Did grand jury get full story in Allen case?
The Modesto Bee | Three hops to Glory
In 2006, a major landslide closed Highway 140 near Mariposa, a popular route into Yosemite National Park.
Our View: Caltrans can move quickly -- ::

Supervisors' fund plan raises questions -- :: Merced News, Real
Building supply company BMC West closing its Merced lumberyard -- :
Union Democrat - Pack resort opens this weekend
Union Democrat - Supes hope legal loophole blocks fees
The Modesto Bee | 'Nuestra Familia' gives Stanislaus officials a glimpse of gangs in the future
The Modesto Bee | Patterson homeowners fear Mello-Roos taxes will hasten foreclosures
Cost of college on the rise at UC -- :: Merced News, Real
City halls hit hard by proposed budget cuts -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Federal court upends plan to boost Sierra logging
The Modesto Bee | State watchdog group reviewing 3 Stanislaus supervisors' land-use votes
The Modesto Bee | No government jobs to turn to in this economic downturn
My Mother - Longfellow Stamp Mill Damaged By Fire
Union Democrat -Family weighs loss in Don Pedro fire
Union Democrat - Frog caretaker pampers jumpers
For a person who is five feet tall and weighs only 100 pounds, Lynn Hill has cast an immense shadow over the world of climbing. In 1994 that she astounded the climbing world with the first free ascent of the Nose, the imposing classic route to the summit of El Capitan, Yosemite's 3,000-foot vertical granite buttress.
Main Hed | | Reno Gazette-Journal
The Modesto Bee | Merced tops in foreclosures for April
Farm bill heads toward approval, Bush veto -- :: Merced News, Real
My Mother - Supervisors Discuss Closure Of Groveland Physical Therapy Unit
Be prepared when backpacking with a baby -
Egg farmer alleges video was staged -- :: Merced News,
46% increase in freshmen at UC Merced projected -- :: Merced News,
Union Democrat - Endangered beetle could delay Old Priest construction

Now's the time to hit some river rapids -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Unemployment, poor economy have quality applicants accepting lower-paying positions
Foreigners flood US to cash in on weak dollar - News - Travel -
The Modesto Bee | Elite arts school admits Newman teen
Buses collide in Yosemite, 12 children sent to hospital -- :: Merced News,
Lake Don Pedro:
The Modesto Bee | Do-gooders minus permits equals trouble
Union Democrat - Poker Flat residents say vacation rentals bad deal
My Mother - Mixed Response To News Of Calaveras Jail Funding

The Modesto Bee | 2 counties' green efforts lag
Union Democrat -Lode woman weds actors and big screen
Union Democrat - Gold Strike residents blast county, planner
Where have all the rangers gone? --
The Modesto Bee | Modesto man unearths bottle buried in 1952
The Modesto Bee | Cupboards Going Bare
My Mother - Tuolumne County Supervisors Hear Report On Goals
The Modesto Bee | Habitat has extra $505,000 on hand
Lack of sponsors grounds fly-in -- :: Merced News,
Council slaps 'historic' tag on church; up to court now -- :: Merced News,
Animal-rights group to release video of Merced County egg farm -- :: Merced News,
Union Democrat - Family pledges forest preservation
The story of a letter to the editor -- :: Merced News, Real
YOSEMITE IN THE SPRING / COMING OUT PARTY / A guide to enjoying Mother Nature's biggest show
Fall in love with Yosemite Lodge - Inside Bay Area
Report: CO buildup in Yosemite tunnel -
Yosemite tourists follow in Ansel Adams' f-stops
The Modesto Bee | Consumer pessimism is widespread

Mitchell was born June 4, 1922, in Yosemite National Park, where her father and mother worked for the company that became the Yosemite Park and Curry Co., a concession business within the park.
Tahoe Daily Tribune - At age 85, retiree still is a whirlwind
Sierra Star - Weed alliance hopes to rid area of certain plants
California's water picture looks bleak -- :: Merced News, Real
My Mother - Backyard Composting
Union Democrat - Survey: Water supplies are low
How humans, vanishing cougars changed Yosemite
County opposes Denham recall -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | No recovery for new homes seen in 2008
The Modesto Bee | Growth in Stanislaus continues slowdown
Union Democrat - Air pollution grades mixed in Lode areas
My Mother - Snowpack Totals Down Across Sierra Nevada

The Modesto Bee | End of the Road
The Modesto Bee | Fed chops rate to lowest point in four years
Tribal leader who negotiated Highway 99 casino deal quits -- :: Merced
Critics say air board dragging its feet on improvements -- :: Merced

Tribe opposes new Central Valley casino complex
The Modesto Bee | Kennedy Meadows owner hopes to have Sierra resort reopened by July 4
The Modesto Bee | Putting on the Brakes
Growers worry about long-term water pinch -- :: Merced News, Real
My Mother - Cogdill's Gold Star License Plate Bill Passes Through Committee
My Mother - Me-Wuk Land Transfer Act Moves Forward In Washington DC
Mariposa's Agri-Nature explores native plants, humming birds -- :: Merced
The Modesto Bee | As gold flirts with $1,000 an ounce, a new wave of Mother Lode panners-buoyed by a robust dose of gold fever - seeks riches in the residues.
Valley incomes fall back further -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Movie spoofs Gold Rush
My Mother - Gardening for Health: Prioritizing Plant Choices
Mariposa festival to free thousands of butterflies -- ::
The Modesto Bee | Oil nears $120 following labor and military strikes
Price of rice rises rapidly -- :: Merced News,

Sierra Star - STAY ALERT: It's poison oak and rattlesnake season
Rick Tasco invents 60 new iris varieties with new shades of beauty -- ::
As housing slumps, projects for infrastructure lie dormant -- :: Merced News
My - Radanovich Praises Hwy 140 Bridge Plan
Union Democrat - Rafting life skills learned on river
Calaveras Enterprise - Housing woes strain county spending plan
Calaveras Enterprise - Forest service describes Interface trail system
Denham seeks criminal probe of Perata actions -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Hypochondriac's fears work overtime after caterpillar sting
The Modesto Bee | Area homes set for auction
The Modesto Bee | No umbrella needed, dang it
Union Democrat - Posse's roots run deep in county
Union Democrat - New auto technology creates challenges for firefighters
Sierra Star - YHS student arrested after lock down; charged with making threat
The Modesto Bee | Budget to play big role in vote on council pay
Housing numbers rise a bit -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | The pinch at the pump grows tighter
Union Democrat - Board to weigh in on state bill to fund fire fighting Two killed, one hurt in Lode plane crashes
The Modesto Bee | Is now right time to hike council pay?
Union Democrat - Tuolumne County gets new ag commissioner
Tribes toss out members in high-stakes quarrel
The Modesto Bee | Junior Ranger program reforges a link between children, wilderness

Biblio File: Yosemite through the lens of two professors - Chico Enterprise Record
"Yosemite-to-the-sea" highway connected Los Banos and Merced
The Modesto Bee | Insurers shift cost of drugs to consumers
Valley jobless numbers climb -- :: Merced News, Real
State targets Central Valley Concrete -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Area rivers lure fly fishermen
Union Democrat - ‘Fungus person' has colorful career, life
Merced home prices continue to drop -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Supervisors approve loan application for landfill
The Modesto Bee | Fourfold pay hike urged for mayor
Union Democrat - State park procedures questioned in concessionaire's award
Calaveras Enterprise - $900,000 earmarked to improve kids' safety

The Modesto Bee | Bee launches buyout offers
The Modesto Bee | March's housing stats grim
My Mother - Marijuana Suppression Program To Suffer $177,000 Reduction
Union Democrat - Board to consider Murphys rezoning
Dipping, climbing, cavorting in Yosemite -
The Modesto Bee | Room for a View
The Modesto Bee | What People Earn
The Modesto Bee | Pinched at the Pump
My Mother - Capital Protest Will Have Tuolumne County Representation
My Mother - Eproson Park Shooting Still Under Investigation Local: Film on Congress features Yosemite school
"This worked out really good," said Kennedy-Smith, a Madera County tax collector who owns a ranch in Coarsegold.
Cowboys, cowgirls kick up dirt at Ranch Rodeo
Old and young enjoy history lesson at Mariposa Museum -- :: Merced
Sierra Star - Supervisors to decide on water plan
Union Democrat - Greenhouse effects of clear cutting is debated
My Mother - Master Gardener: Natives for Spring Planting
Calaveras Enterprise - County papers reveal the case against Waller
Gold-prospector groups see boost in membership | ScrippsNews
The Modesto Bee | Oil rises above $110 a barrel
The Modesto Bee | Fuel costs spur cowboys to skip Oakdale, other rodeos
Radanovich authors bill to give Me-Wuk Indians additional land -- :: Merced
Union Democrat - City sold on retail development Bill McEwen: Muir's tour an example Valley should follow today
The Modesto Bee | Big hike in council pay urged
The Modesto Bee | Cowboy Conundrum
Union Democrat - Rural counties face emergency medical response crisis
Union Democrat - Supervisors eye prescription drug discount program
Think gas is pricey? Just wait till summer -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Council OKs new economic agency
Union Democrat - County worker arrested
Calaveras Enterprise - Details of Waller’s firing revealed

The Modesto Bee | Acorn to seedling to -- wait, where are the saplings?
The Modesto Bee | Governor, city officials meet today
Union Democrat - Kennedy resort repairs to start soon
Union Democrat - Big-boxes subject of Angels meeting
Politics - Madera County tribe faces long haul on casino proposal -
The Modesto Bee | Family candy-maker Sconza finding friendly welcome in Oakdale
Union Democrat - High water: Yosemite Valley falls a big draw this time of year
Legendary tale retold -
Ken Gosting:
Newhall Incident: Murders left former reporter numb
Harrowing Adventures by One of California’s First Woman Mountain Climbers, Ruth Dyar Mendenhall, Subject of Pasadena Book Reading at Vromans by Former Yosemite Ranger -

Parables and Profiles: High Sierra wildflower trails -- :: Merced News, Real
Jobless rate drifts a bit higher than last year -- :: Merced News, Real
Mammoth move: Chowchilla plans to buy big orange stand and restore it -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Stanislaus County promises to study transit for seniors, disabled
My Mother - Garden Workshop for the Foothills: "Foothills-Friendly Gardening"
Calaveras Enterprise - Delegation to ask feds for help on water plan

Discovering Yosemite off the trail - The Daily Breeze
The Modesto Bee | Toy Train society has erected model sizes G and O for viewing at McHenry Museum
The Modesto Bee | City of Modesto braces for more cuts
The Modesto Bee | Foreclosure crisis tears through valley's towns, scarring the landscape
Capital Corp of the West fears more bad news could be on the way --
Calaveras Enterprise - Town's past puts hold on its future
Calaveras Enterprise -Getting mail and going to get it in Angels Camp
County Bank delays financial report -- :: Merced News, Real
Capital Corp suspends dividend -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - County supes OK oak tree protections
Union Democrat - Old Camp Nine span facing axCalaveras Enterprise - Rail Road Flat School bill passes Senate committee
County discount prescription card is free to everybody -- :: Merced
My Mother - Tuolumne County Passes Native Oak Ordinance
Union Democrat - Men take bite out of rattlesnake fears
The Modesto Bee | Value dip, tax relief
My Mother - Oak Tree Ordinance On

 Tuolumne County Supervisors Agenda Budget cuts tour state parks
These rangers aren't ready to come in from the cold Local: Moving to cooler ground
The Modesto Bee | So you've got it bad? Try this guy's route
Manteca wants 20M!

Local tourism group lobbies DC for events center
The Modesto Bee | Panel says give Modesto mayor, council more money but doesn't say how much
The Modesto Bee | Budget cuts hit harder in small school districts
My Mother - Container Gardening- Designing with Plants
Union Democrat - Depression-era jobs program made a lasting mark in Mother Lode

Google Maps adds street view for 13 cities + Yosemite National Park | Googling Google |
Farmers fearful of disappearing ag land -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | The March of rain just flat stopped
The Modesto Bee | Air pollution district's push: Limit how much you drive
The Modesto Bee | Resort working on finances
My Mother - California Forward Seeks To Serve The Public Interest
My Mother - Tuolumne Narcotics Team Facing Deep Cuts
Union Democrat - Sonora woman finds delight in saw handiwork
Union Democrat - Residents divided on sewer issue
Biologists on the front line in fight against infestation -- :: Merced
Union Democrat - Trash haulers settle dispute
The Modesto Bee | Stanislaus recycling study OK'd, despite supervisor worries
Merced hires firm to help recruit a city manager -- :: Merced News, Real
Police employee the focus of animal neglect probe -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Forest Service opens firewood collection season on Wednesday
Calaveras Enterprise - County's expansion irks area merchants
Atwater council says it's serious about Cal Fire contract -- :: Merced News,
My Mother -ATCAA Receives Broadband Study Grant
Union Democrat - Couple starts up solar program
Calaveras Enterprise - Small school tries to keep its doors open

The Modesto Bee | Plan works kinks out of 132
The Modesto Bee | Tax increase proposed for fire and police
Valley-based firms steer clear of most home loans, limiting fallout from crisis -- :: Merced News, Real Local: Mountain's majesty
The Modesto Bee | Seniors demand a slice of tax pie
Witnesses reluctant to speak about police chief's arrest -- :: Merced News,
Calaveras Enterprise -Angels reversal on LAFCO
Politics - Federal camping fees begin big rise in California -
My Mother - Container Gardening - Choosing the Perfect Pot
Union Democrat - Lode men modern prospectors
Union Democrat - Springtime is flower time in Calaveras, Tuolumne foothills
Calaveras Enterprise - Economy becomes topic No. 1 Entertainment: A walk through history: Mariposa
Yosemite: DNC: Local: Hiring in their backyard
Redlands astronomer studies light pollution in national parks | Features | | Southern
The Modesto Bee | Couple blaming MID for electrical 'nightmare'
The Modesto Bee | Bigger paychecks for council, mayor?
Union Democrat - Tuolumne County will reconsider oak ordinance
Union Democrat - Zoning rule change irks some residents
Irish Day in Murphys

Calaveras Enterprise - Seeing Green
The Modesto Bee | Uplifting Climb
Sierra Star - Walking tour takes guests back to Fresno Flats
Sierra Star - Yosemite, local tourism discussed
The Modesto Bee | San Joaquin Valley home prices plunge to 2004 levels
Union Democrat - Report: County's economy needs help
Calaveras Enterprise - Struggling economy prompts calls for action Marek Warszawski: YOU'VE GOT GORGE
The Modesto Bee | The Toll of War: Iraq, five years late
Union Democrat - Comment period on New Melones fees extended
Union Democrat - Petition seeks to derail budget cut
Calaveras Enterprise - Homeowners petition for lower tax bills
Calaveras Enterprise - Taste of the farm

Merced looking for a new promoter -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | County's poor facing health cuts

City will debate tourism pursuit -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Medi-Cal forces divorces
In the quilt, Avenell said, she included several different patterns of her husband's Pennington shirts and Levi jeans. The center piece is of Yosemite's Half Dome, because, Avenell said, Jim was a guide at Yosemite and loved the park.
Local News: Quilts bringing tears in YC | quilts, available, displayed : Appeal Democrat
The Modesto Bee | Not using inmates for trash pickup is wasting millions
The Modesto Bee | Sonora filmmaker sentenced to probation after taping American Indian dances
The Modesto Bee | Democracy depends on open government
Calaveras Enterprise -
Fees issue put on hold until April
move the settlement through Congress "without tax increases." George Radanovich Palm Springs, Coachella Valley - Weather, News, Sports: Water authority vote supports San Joaquin River restoration Yosemite Gold Mining Claims
Sierra Star - Radanovich votes no on tax act
The Modesto Bee | Mother sues over drowning at dam

Yosemite Train Steams Up For Opening Day | KSEE 24 NEWS Central Valley's News Station:
The Modesto Bee | Lightning poised to strike twice for Calaveras man
Union Democrat - School district overstated attendance, may owe state
Union Democrat - Jamestown couple is high on birds
Calaveras Enterprise - Calaveras jobless rate climbs
Calaveras Enterprise - Area fire districts extend reach
Sierra Star - Water plan likely to affect property rights
Sierra Star - Tia Thomas heads to national bee, again
4 teens confess to spate of bunny killings -- :: Merced News, Real
Valley moves further from clean air goals -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Scientists know Sierra carries state's fate on its snowy slopes
The Modesto Bee | Ex-Columbia College teacher's faith in wolverines rewarded
Union Democrat - City, county to relaunch biz-building strategy
Calaveras Enterprise - Court hands setback to homeschoolers
The Modesto Bee | Ahwahnee crowd has a ball reliving past
The Modesto Bee | Stanislaus County officials lobby for project funds
The Modesto Bee | Bailiff's exit tied to raids at cycle shop
Flood-control study nearly funded for Newman area -- :: Merced News,
My Mother - Tuolumne County Affordable Housing Ordinance Moves Forward
Calaveras Enterprise - Insurer sets 1,000-foot clearance
Calaveras Enterprise - The price of building may go up

Calaveras Enterprise - Public, officials try to sort out driveway slope issue
Calaveras Enterprise -Angels Council holds off on LAFCO expansion decision

Public invited to comment at casino hearing -- :: Merced News, Real
Gas prices ballooning in Merced -- :: Merced News, Real
Experts puzzled by salmon decline -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Critter seen in Sierra after 80-plus years
The Modesto Bee | City ordinances aim for a 'cleanup'
Added Rep. George Radanovich (R-Mariposa): "I think we've got to be all in this together as a country rather than Balkanizing it."
Opposition to Calif. tailpipe limits comes from surprising corner - Los Angeles Times
The Modesto Bee | UC Merced chief: Campus cannot afford budget cuts
Sierra Star - French drains: Five steps to get rid of water
County expects to be hit hard by governor's cuts -- :: Merced News, Real
Calaveras Enterprise - Goats vs. dogs in Valley Springs
Calaveras Enterprise - Costly battle in court

Retirees find jobs and fresh air during summers in Yosemite -- :: Merced
UC Merced leaders plead for budget mercy -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Uproar over rule on home schools
Union Democrat - PAWS approaches 25th year
Union Democrat - Big box talk gets big time reaction

Doug Nidever, 53, a graying guru of climbing and the former chief guide at Yosemite National Park
Where Waterfalls Freeze, There’s a Path to the Top - New York Times

Yosemite: | John Curry named parade grand marshal

Clean air by 2014? Not good enough, say local environmentalists -- :: 
Union Democrat - Common Ground: Senior meal delivery at risk
Calaveras Enterprise - Murphys Irish Day 2008

Railroads and the Creation of National Parks Loaded guns don't belong in national parks

The Modesto Bee | Judge agrees secret tapes took toll on Geragos
Union Democrat - Snowplow meeting: Fast-moving plows rankle TH locals
My Mother - Angels Camp Leaders Discuss Big Box Stores
Union Democrat - County eyeing noise rules
Calaveras Enterprise - Water quality studies point to land-use issues
Calaveras Enterprise - Council to take closer look at LAFCO vote - Turlock 'Ghost-Riding' Video Could Lead To Arrest
The Modesto Bee | MID, TID bruised by mortgage meltdown
Sierra Star - Permit fees increase for first time in seven years
The Modesto Bee | Growers Hope Bees Will Do It
The Modesto Bee | Jobs slashed across region
Calaveras Enterprise - 'We're in recession,' analyst says
Calaveras Enterprise - Wild, scenic Mokelumne River urged
The Modesto Bee | Oakdale considers ways to pay for general plan
Union Democrat - Ambulance tax goes to June ballot

Mapping Into New Worlds: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection Establishes Unique, Experiential Map Exhibit in Second Life
CALIFORNIA / Parks less than pristine / Dangerous levels of toxics imperil humans, wildlife
Sierra Star - King Vintage Museum officials land award, donation
The Modesto Bee | 100 city jobs in $110K club
Union Democrat - Calaveras supervisors, other get raises
Calaveras Enterprise - County employees will get salary increase Outdoors: Schooled in nature
The Modesto Bee | Modesto bond rate jumps; restructure options given
Union Democrat - Local group seeks funds to aid mule deer
Calaveras Enterprise - Era of cheap water over
The Modesto Bee | Shutterbug curious about unusual UFOs
Three county trails lead to beautiful blossoms -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Economic summit yields city, county pact
Calaveras Enterprise - County nonprofits seek state grant funding
Area farms attracts tourists -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Sentencing ends case of 5 bodies in reservoir
The Modesto Bee | Phone tax paying to outsource U.S. jobs
Sierra Star - Gardening: Preparing for planting
Sierra Star - Ahwahnee Hills Park dam burst; wetlands in danger
The Modesto Bee | Almost $12M gone
The Modesto Bee | Empire schools eye cuts to budget
Union Democrat - South County plan needs specifics, residents say
Union Democrat - Thirst for gold still alive in Columbia
Sierra Star - North Fork CDC one step closer to cleaning up mill site
Amid bust, more can afford to buy a home -- :: Merced News, Real
Dos Palos coach reinstated after drunken crash -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | More cuts now on table
The Modesto Bee | 'Worst of Times'
My Mother - Illegal Snowmobile Use Cited In Wilderness Area
Calaveras Enterprise - Tax breaks for 'farmers' challenged
Calaveras Enterprise - New jail will cost less than expected

Skating in full majesty
Court decision: City must pay for employees' extra work -- :: Merced News,
Union Democrat - Inclusionary ordinance to benefit mid-income
Union Democrat - County anticipates ending fiscal year in the black

da Vinci students photograph Yosemite in the winter - Taking Notes - Jackson Citizen Patriot -
Valley lawmakers want med school at UC Merced -- :: Merced News,
The Modesto Bee | MJC community banding together
My Mother - New Affordable Housing Ordinance Gaining Support
My Mother - Tuolumne CAO Pedro Speaks Out On County's Financial Picture
Calaveras Enterprise - CCWD raises security at its offices

Modesto Boy Scout, 12, dies hiking in Yosemite -- :: Merced
Lathrop-Manteca Fire District Chief Jim Monty said from his Mariposa home...
Lathrop fire chief to retire after vacation
San Luis Obispo County’s website |  Outdoors library: Yosemite's top trails
Union Democrat - South county plan to be discussed at meeting
Calaveras Enterprise - Water board directors debate lobbying cost ... Classic Motorsports Presents the Southern Yosemite Automotive Film Festival
High gas prices won't kill the appetite for adventure
Sierra Star - Get your water tested!
The Modesto Bee | Valley congressmen serve up the pork
Yosemite's Ostrander Hut: Worth the work
Sierra Star - Supervisors ponder relationship with Yosemite
Merced's January home prices plunge 33% from a year ago -- :: Merced
The Modesto Bee | Riverbank rescuer and county argue over permit, kennel license
Union Democrat - Dodge: State's longest ridgeline more than a geological feature
Union Democrat - Park looks at ADA sidewalk fixes
Calaveras Enterprise - Driveway-slope issue topic of study session
New county policy bypasses Mercy Medical Center for heart attack victims -- :: Merced News, Real
Under oath, Condren says Riverside Motorsports Park has no money -- ::
Finagling may extend farm bill to 10-year plan -- :: Merced News, Real
Calaveras Enterprise - Enviro-friendly businesses recognized

Pacific fisher stalls forest thinning project | ScrippsNews
Chandra Levy's mother lobbies Congress -- ::
Tenants pay rent, still lose homes -- :: Merced News,
Union Democrat -Cameras catch, deter crooks
Union Democrat - Irish Days plans off to a lucky start
The Modesto Bee | Plunging home values mean falling taxes in Stanislaus
The Modesto Bee | Council hikes penalties for vicious dogs
School board looks at ways to cut budget -- :: Merced News, Real
County broke environmental laws for mining firm, judge says -- :: Merced
My Mother - Tuolumne County Child Support Services Among Best In State
Union Democrat - Untouched powder paves the way for fun
Union Democrat - Sewer rates may rise for residents of Angels Camp
Calaveras Enterprise - Budget woes may squeeze the schools
Snow yields cautious optimism -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Old Tuolumne garage could see wrecking ball
Calaveras Enterprise - Frogs alone don't 'brand' Angels Camp

The Modesto Bee | Price to save Sierra sheep $26.7 million over 20 years
The Modesto Bee | Turlock pet adoption formula a triumph
The Modesto Bee | Environmental quality, dairy tug of war
Museum offers visitors a tumble through history -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | The Glint of Gold
Union Democrat - Byte by bite: Computer Column
Union Democrat - Area residents irked about towing South Valley: Buffalo Soldiers recalled
Sierra Star - Incorporation fails
Sierra Star - Mountain voters react to election results
The little hospital that could: Mariposa has one -- it's small but big on new technology -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Knights Ferry not keen on salmon plan
My Mother - Chamber Of Commerce To Raise Awareness About Railtown
John Mock & Kimberley O'Neil from Yosemite National Park, CA: - K2 and Karakorum by climbers, news
Yosemite: Where conservation, congregations collide
City streamlines its job Web site to ease searches -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Couple walks from Bay to Yosemite
Union Democrat - Visions of Angels Camp discussed at meeting
Calaveras Enterprise - ZIP code switch 'erases' Sheep Ranch
Prepare for delays: Caltrans holds off on rockslide decision -- :: Merced News,
Bush pens ag worker revisions -- :: Merced News, Real
My Mother - Sheriff's Department Will Begin Charging For Coroner Services
Union Democrat - Board tentatively OKs '08 goal list
Union Democrat - Police say essay was threatening
Calaveras Enterprise - Governor proposes new Cal Fire fee for 2008-09
Cost to save bighorn pegged at $26.7m -- :: Merced News, Real
Sierra Star - Incorporation fails
Unofficial election results --
The Modesto Bee | 'R' word looms in valley minds, fueling problem
The Modesto Bee | Council supports road tax proposal
My Mother - Mother Lode "Super Tuesday" Primary Election Results
My Mother - Threatening English Paper Leads To Arrest Of Sonora High Student
Union Democrat -Plethora of government jobs may keep economy strong

High Country News: Here’s a new way to think about Black History Month
The Modesto Bee | Report shows recession's effect on income and jobs
Union Democrat - Historic hotel's future remains unclear
Union Democrat - Neighbors blast mobile home park development plan
Calaveras Enterprise - Copper won't wait for slow ambulances

Michael Elshon Ross: working as a teacher in El Portal, Calif...

Sidney Herald - We are your story!: Bugging out 'Bug author' visits area schools, interacts with students
For more than 50 years, Yosemite visitors have had Virginia Salmon there to greet them -- :: Merced News, Real
Professors turn focus on global warming -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Little school touts big successes

Merced starts the job of looking for manager -- :: Merced News, Real
Stockton, Modesto among the nation's most miserable cities, according to Forbes magazine -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Bite by Byte: Computer Column
Union Democrat - Historic jail work nears completion
My Mother - New England Patriots Find Huge Fan Base In Small Sierra Community
In the Military: Carolyn A. Carroll -- :: Merced News, Real
Sierra Star - Board tackles full agenda

The Santa Barbara Independent What I Did for Xmas
The Modesto Bee | Hope for Housing
Union Democrat - Survey delay stalls grant
Calaveras Enterprise - San Andreas upholsterer fears utility rate increase

City manager lays out plans, goals for Merced -- :: Merced News, Real
My Mother - Extra Funding For Tuolumne County Not Included In Economic Stimulus Package
Union Democrat- Group, company call for more broadband
Union Democrat- Safety of county bridges studied

Shocking! No Comments!

MARIPOSA COUNTY / Review over road into Yosemite
The Modesto Bee | Valley home prices hard to bear
Merced River Stakeholders vote to keep going -- :: Merced News, Real
University applicants turning to UC Merced -- :: Merced News, Real
Calaveras Enterprise - Family struggles to keep dream alive Local: Yosemite's tourist-heavy El Portal Road gets emergency repairs
The Modesto Bee | Valley home prices hard to bear
UC Merced professors to participate in climate talks -- :: Merced News,
Union Democrat - History at the base of Badger Pass

New Yosemite Indian war: Tribes fight over place in history -

Debbie Croft: Casting your vote in Young Masters Competition --
Key figure in fight to restore San Joaquin River bows out -- :: Merced
The Modesto Bee | Slowing economy taking toll on eateries Bill McEwen: Valley winter is something to behold
My Mother - A Neglected Garden Fares Better than Expected
My Mother - "High Noon" Showing Draws Crowd And Memories
Union Democrat - Goats gaining as weed eaters
Update - Another dealership comes to the aid of Merced couple | KSEE 24
Sierra Star - Incorporation forums heat up as election nears
The Modesto Bee | No need to leave valley to advance
Foreign plant life crowds out local species -- ::
Union Democrat - Special meeting set on ambulance coverage
Calaveras Enterprise - New business council hopes to stir up Calaveras' economy

From Sunset Magazine:

Yosemite in winter: The splendor without the crowds -
George Radanovich and North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians
The Modesto Bee | Harder look at fix for rock slide
The Modesto Bee | Retirees scrimp as stocks swoon
Courtesy insists it did no wrong in $30K deal with ill couple -- :: Merced
My Mother - Berryhill Speaks Out Against Proposed Closure Of State Parks
Union Democrat - County seeks to change state rule on development
Union Democrat - Special meeting set on ambulance coverage
Calaveras Enterprise - District needs more volunteers
Sierra Star - Mariposa County has a new sheriff
Wal-Mart launches campaign to win over Mercedians -- ::
Farmers can still use deadly chemical -- :: Merced News, Real
Health care program will pare down pill prices -- :: Merced
The Modesto Bee | Short-haul rail idea competes for $26M of as much as $3.06B in state grant money
Union Democrat - Budget outlook grim, county leaders advised
Union Democrat - More county pay raises on horizon?
My Mother -Calaveras County Reveals Alternative Plan For Jail Property

Andy Hinds, taught school in Yosemite:

Auburn Journal : Top Stories
Hole in wall along Highway 41 inspected
The Modesto Bee | A year later, foreclosure news 10 times worse
The Modesto Bee | Daniloo's ex-wife: I never suspected
Woman wants auto dealer to take back expensive car sold to mentally ill husband -- ::
New-car buyers are offered 'no second chances' in California -- :: Merced News,
Stayner's kidnapper dies in prison at 76 -- :: Merced News, Real Estate, Jobs, Cars and
Calaveras Enterprise - County sees $1.3 million spending drop
Calaveras Enterprise - Ambulance service cut draws scrutiny
The Modesto Bee | State ax threatens outdoor favorites
My Mother - It's A Mixed Bag For Monday Mother Lode Residents And Visitors
My Mother - Mark Twain-St. Joseph's Hospital Captures Four Awards
Sierra Star - Will incorporation affect your rights
Sierra Star - Subdivision closer to board approval
The Modesto Bee | Mining Mother Lode's black history
Union Democrat - Byte by Bite: Computer Column
My Mother - Calaveras County Works To Secure Land For Law And Justice Center Michael Ambrose: Getting the shot
Kauk is a direct descendant of Chief Tenaya
Aspen Times News for Aspen Colorado - Sports
Snowboarder Lonnie Kauk dreams big

The Modesto Bee | Stanislaus jobless rate climbs to 10 percent
The Modesto Bee | Higher gas prices may be a foregone conclusion, but is $4 a gallon possible?
Housing market ends '07 on slide -- :: Merced News, Real
My Mother - Mentoring Opportunities In the Mother Lode
Union Democrat - Shoeing in Yosemite affordable, fun
Union Democrat - Co-housing gaining momentum in the Mother Lode
Valley home sales, prices continued drop to close 2007 -- :: Merced
Atwater considering contract with Cal-Fire for firefighting services -- :: Merced News, Real
Union Democrat - Principal builds showpiece program
Union Democrat - Commission lays foundation for affordable housing ordinance
My Mother - Changes To Calaveras Recycling Program Prove Successful
Calaveras Enterprise - Wine tasting event helps restore historic buildings

Groveland: - Off The Beaten Path: Train Set
A gorgeous cover!
Sierra Star - Visitors guide debuts for 2008
Survey: Patients give Merced Medical Center Merced overall 'poor' rating -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Builders sue over ag element
Union Democrat - Inmate release proposal could hurt fire camps
Union Democrat - LAFCO board expansion gets sour council reception
Calaveras Enterprise- After 10 years, Angels Camp celebrates good roads
From his pen flows the Sierra Nevada - Los Angeles Times -
Visitors bureau may face inquiry -- :: Merced News, Real
Supervisors support UC Merced medical school plan -- :: Merced News,
My Mother - Pay Increase For Many Tuolumne County Officials
Union Democrat - SBC plan stall irks residents
Calaveras Enterprise - Loggers leave their marks on the Sierra Nevada
Calaveras Enterprise - Andreas ramps up planning

Merced College unveils Business Resource Center -- :: Merced News,
Union Democrat - Board to review $1.14M park funds
Yosemite route fix called too hasty -- :: Merced News, Real
Ag tour highlights water woes -- :: Merced News, Real
Auto body shop owner dreams of building a museum -- :: Merced News,
The Modesto Bee | Primary ballot still tabula rasa for voters

Sierra Star - Incorporation of Oakhurst
Sierra Star - Supervisors disagree with latest grand jury report
The Modesto Bee | A Home at Last
The Modesto Bee | Off-roaders give views on planned forest restrictions
Union Democrat - Byte by Bite: Computer Column
John Muir Laws:

In the Sierra Nevada, A Modern Audubon Stalks Skinks & Bugs -
Sierra Star - Fate of Pine subdivision rests with supervisors
Sierra Star - Homeless man says there's no place to go
Tree farmer wins state award for management practices on 400 acres
The Modesto Bee | The Long View
Calaveras Enterprise - New CAO ready to step up
At Yosemite campgrounds, it's rustic versus rebuilt -- :: Merced News, Local: Identity of Yosemite Indians sought in the mists of history
Sierra Star - How should Oakhurst grow?
The Modesto Bee | Cutting to the Bone: The Governor's Spending Plan
The Modesto Bee | Cops overstate cities banning trash diving
My Mother - Schwarzenegger's Proposed Budget Cuts Off Funding To Railtown 1897
My Mother - If It's Limestone Or Dolomite You Want ...
Union Democrat - Borchard a different kind of artist
Union Democrat - Developer pitches mobile home park
The Modesto Bee | A tough place to get ahead
The Modesto Bee | Newman is feeling its oats after filming of Quaker ad
YARTS considers suing Visitor's Bureau -- ::
Union Democrat - Landfill design fix OK'd by board
My Mother - San Andreas Delays Justice Center Property Decision
The Modesto Bee | Gold investment shines brighter
The Modesto Bee | MID: Water status at average
County leaders bracing for turbulent budget year -- ::
My Mother - $383,000 Sliced From Million Dollar VNA-Hospice
Calaveras Enterprise - County puts off possible eminent domain seizure two weeks
The Modesto Bee | State sees record number of homes go to foreclosure auctions, tracking firm says
Union Democrat - Brutal storm batters Lode
Union Democrat - Snowpack, snowplay and citations on the rise
Calaveras Enterprise - Waller settles with county
The Modesto Bee | Witch Upon A Well
The Modesto Bee | Author says Peterson confessed how and why he killed Laci
Union Democrat - County provides free family law assistance
Union Democrat - Kazoo maestros blow their final notes
The Modesto Bee | Trickledown Pain
State gets dismal grades when it comes to quality of childhood care, education -- :: Merced News, Real
The Sierra Sun Times gets a mention!
Union Democrat - Byte by Bite: Computer Column
Sierra Star - Oakhurst: Is incorporation financially feasible?
Sierra Star - 2007: A year of triumph, tragedy
Snail-paced '06 lawsuit names county elite, who deny all -- :: Merced News,
Byrd arrested, land sold -- :: Merced News, Real Estate, Jobs, Cars and more
The Modesto Bee | City asks judge to toss pay-bias verdict
The Modesto Bee | Pleading for a deal
Union Democrat - Child-welfare report: Lode ranks high in many areas
Union Democrat - Misdials a hang-up for Lode dispatchers
Calaveras Enterprise - County may seek eminent domain for new jail site Business: Mariposa fights back
Sierra Star - Mariposa man charged with conspiracy in poaching ring
Four poaching suspects post bail, plead not guilty -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Housing recovery predicted to be slow
Union Democrat - Men's bond lasts eight decades Outdoors: Endless season out there
Boulder-dash: Officials are closing in on a fix to Highway 140 Yosemite route -- :: Merced News, Real
The Modesto Bee | Report: No progress for kids
The Modesto Bee | Study: Golden State in danger
My Mother - Tuolumne County Foundations Enjoy Record Setting Year
Union Democrat - Return of the smew?
Union Democrat - Two jailed in alleged Angels park assault
Calaveras Enterprise - The grand finale: Year in Review wraps up 2007 After 112 years, Angels Camp's Princess Parlor disbands
The Modesto Bee | I'm very lucky,' centenarian says
College takes up case of missing Modesto woman years later -- :: Merced
Union Democrat - Three generations of family add flavor to candy kitchen
Union Democrat - Bear hosts workers from abroad
Calaveras Enterprise  - Sheep Ranch loses ZIP code
Calaveras Enterprise - Buyers hold the chips
Calaveras Enterprise - Grave hunter searches for Calaveras ancestors
The Modesto Bee | A look back at 2007
Union Democrat - TGMF losses narrow
Union Democrat - Fire, cocoa comforting at Big Trees' warming hut


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