Goldrushcam  Live Weather Camera
Live Deer Camera
Live Camera In Mariposa, California

The Archive Imaged Section
Image Archives

Page is live during daylight hours
The Camera looks up at mountain top of about 2,500 feet
Deer can be seen in the morning and early evening hours
and occasionally throughout the day.

Here is a saved photo with deer and a hummingbird in mid flight.
To save the photos, right click the mouse, scroll down to save photo as,
then name the photo or just leave it with the name it has. Easy, right?
If you get a really nice photo, E-mail it to me and I will post it with your
name attached if you like.Maybe a prize will be awarded  for the best photo capture.

The time is off from the correct time due to
 background operations performed on the computer.
When  the computer is restarted the correct time
will show up, but then it slowly loses time until the next restart.

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